5L Beer Line Cleaning Wash Bottle - S Type Cleaning Cap

5L Beer Line Cleaning Wash Bottle - S Type Cleaning Cap

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5L pressurised wash bottle for cleaning beer lines

- 1 x S type cap 

- 1 x 5L wash bottle 

- 1 x extractor tube 

How to clean your lines using the Beer Line Cleaning Bottle (Pressurised Unit)

1.  Take the cap off your bottle and fill it with water and your line cleaning solution. Please follow the instructions on the back of the cleaning solution bottle to ensure you have the correct ratio of cleaning liquid to water. 

2.  Detach your coupler from your keg and attach to the bottle ensuring your gas regulator is still connected. The cleaning bottle will then pressurise and fill the line with the solution.

3.  Place a bucket under the beer tap and then open it to pull through the liquid. When you see the cleaning solution start to come through, turn the tap off and allow for the liquid to sit and soak in the lines for 15-20mins.

4.  Once the necessary time has passed, open the tap with the bucket underneath and allow the solution to pull through.

5.  Once the bottle is empty, disconnect the keg coupler from the cleaning bottle and then pull the pressure release valve and then remove the cap.

6.  Discard any remaining liquid and then rinse the inside of the bottle with clean water.

7.  Fill the cleaning bottle with fresh clean water. Re-attach the keg coupler.

8.  Put a bucket back under the beer tap and open the tap to allow the clean water to pull through the line. This is to unsure you clear any cleaning solution from the lines.

9.  Once your line is clear of water, detach the keg coupler and release the pressure valve. 

10.  Re-attach your keg coupler to the keg and open the beer tap to push out any remaining water.

Enjoy your fresh pints :)